Byker Primary School


We are nearly at the end of the week already! We thought we would let you know again that we have missed you all so much during this lockdown period and we cannot wait to see you - fingers crossed that it will be very soon! Here is another TikTok video on help when using factors - remember those? Well you will now by drawing a factor bug to help you work out factor pairs! winkblush

Factor Bugs.MOV

Still image for this video


Today we are going back to Harry Potter, focusing on Through the Trapdoor (pages 298 and 299). smiley


Top Tips

  • Before you start.. READ THE TEXT! You cannot answer questions when you haven't read the information.
  • Remember to scan the text to retrieve information, try not to just guess.
  • Remember to read the full questions CAREFULLY! If a question says give evidence, you need to find a phrase/sentence/bit of speech that backs up what you are saying in your answer.

Maths task


Let's try another set Mental Maths questions! Keep up the great work Year 5! blushsmiley