Byker Primary School


Bonjour Year 4,


Nous espérons que vous avez apprécié les tâches d'hier! (We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s tasks!) Did anyone try out their French speaking?  We had great fun asking our families how much things cost.  It was good fun trying to join in with the French number song to 100! We even tried counting backwards! What a giggle.  We definitely need more practice at that!  Today we have included a video clip about how high quality French shoes are made. It is an interesting watch. 


Can you believe it is Thursday?  Week 2 of your last summer term is almost over.  We are so proud of the way you have continued with cyber schooling. We know it is much harder than being at school with us, but you are really showing your determination and maturity.  Two great human qualities to have. Well done Year 4!    


Today’s tasks include:


  1.     Mark yesterday’s mental maths (5 - 10 minutes) 
  2.     Complete 1 maths activity.  Activity 2 is slightly harder          (25 minutes)
  3.     Re-watch the video clip -
  4.     Writing Activity – The Conversation (30 - 40 minutes)
  5.     Reading - Shoe Poetry (15 minutes)
  6.     Design a Shoe Activity (20 minutes)   
  7.     French Video (5 minutes)


Au revoir (Bye for now).  Rendez-vous tous demain à la cyberécole (See you all tomorrow at cyber school). Keep smiling and have fun!


Ms Jarvis, Mr Goldsbrough and Mrs Barnes