Byker Primary School


Good morning Year 4! 

How are you all? Did you manage to do anything nice at the weekend?

Well we all seem to be getting the hang of this online learning. However, it is still really strange not seeing you all.


Have a go at today's activities, but don't stress! If you need to take a break, go and play a game, watch some television or go outside for 10 minutes. 


Remember you are all amazing! We are all just blown away with how you are managing with online learning and not being able to go outside as much as you would like.


Stick at it. We are always so proud of our fabulous Year 4s!


Stay safe, be kind and keep on smiling.

Ms Jarvis, Mr Goldsborough and Mrs Barnes


You are all awesome!



Today's tasks


1. Reading from a book, magazine or eBook (10 minutes).

2. Mental Maths. Only do ONE of them. Mental Maths 2 is slightly harder (20 -25 minutes).

3. RIC activity. I know we keep on saying this, but we think you'll love this clip too. It reminded us of when we made homeless shelters together. (15 minutes)

4. Writing Activity. You are going to underline expanded noun phrases. Don't worry we've explained them on the sheet. (20 - 25 minutes)


If you want to, you can always do some extra times tables practice on TT Rockstars. We had worked so hard learning them, it would be a shame if we didn't keep it up.



As usual, all  the answers will be on tomorrow's page.