Byker Primary School


Good morning, can you believe it's nearly the weekend?


I have news ... the cocoons are turning transparent.  This means the butterflies are about to emerge!  I took a photograph of a cocoon today so you could see for yourself.  You should be able to see white spots and a flash of orange showing through, that's a wing!  I've also copied a link below to Insect Lore.  This website will be able to answer lots of your caterpillar to butterfly questions, alongside tips for looking after and keeping caterpillars and chrysalides safe.  Amy and I have been using these to help us since our caterpillars arrived nearly a month ago.




Todays maths and phonics are also attached to the end of my note.  Remember to take your time and try your best.  Although all activities are linked, you do not have to do all of these, and you can split them up during the day if they are too much all at once.  You are all doing super well in such strange times.  Miss Davidson, Miss Holden and I are super proud of all your efforts and achievements.  Well done Reception Super Stars!


Keep safe.


Mrs Smith

Happy Thursday boys and girls!


It is Thursday which means our favourite day of the week... PE day!

As we do every week, I would like you to start your day off completing the wonderful Mr. Danquahs' at home PE lesson. They are relatively short sessions so I have attached 2 separate links to 2 different workouts.


Mrs Smith has also uploaded a photograph of our cocoons. I can not believe how much are tiny caterpillars have now changed, and are going to continue to do so. 

As well as a photograph, Mrs Smith has also attached a link to a quiz for both classes to enjoy. Make sure to check it out!


Todays English and Maths work is attached below. We are looking at sharing in Maths and continuing the rhyming theme in English. I hope you have all enjoyed the work so far this week. i look forward to hearing all about what you have been up to when we are finally reunited. 


As always my little treasures, stay safe, keep shining and most importantly, keep smiling!

Miss Bell laugh