Byker Primary School


Good morning Year 4,


We hope you have been enjoying this week’s cyber school activities and perhaps having some outdoor fun.  Mrs Barnes’ children have been outside splashing in huge puddles this week, getting very dirty, but having a lot of fun.  Have you been outside getting wet and dirty?  Or have you stayed inside playing games and doing crafts?  Did you try any of the rain crafts we included last week? Remember, you can share them on the Byker Books Face Book page, so that we can all see what fabulous work you are doing!  


This week’s video clip is a reminder of our French topic this year, when we practised asking how much things were and the shopkeeper told us how much they cost.   In pairs, we took turns being the shopper and the shopkeeper and used these phrases:


Shopper:  C’est combine?                 Shopkeeper: C’est ____ .


We had great fun, so we have added an extra activity today, just in case you would like to do a little practice at home.  Perhaps teach your parents or siblings our French phrases.  BUT … remember always just to complete what you can manage. 


Today’s tasks include:


  1. Mark yesterday’s mental maths (5 - 10 minutes) 

  2. Complete 1 maths activity.  Activity 2 is slightly harder (25 minutes)

  3. Re-watch the video clip -

  4. Reading Activity – The Shoe Maker Thought Bubbles (30 minutes)

  5. French Activities (20 minutes)


We hope you have fun today.  Take care and stay safe!


Ms Jarvis, Mrs Barnes and Mr Goldsbrough