Byker Primary School


Good morning Reception, we hope you're all doing okay and keeping safe.


At the risk of repeating myself ... still no butterflies!!! Fingers cross tomorrow is the day, though when we set them free to lay their own eggs, let's hope for a warmer day than yesterday.  Butterflies are cold blooded creatures and need warmth to enable them to fly, feed, mate and pollinate.  The temperature needs to be at least 12 degrees celsius, and we need to release them within a couple of days of emerging from their cocoons/chrysalides.


Today is P.E. with Mr Danquah, and I have attached a link to the Byker Primary P.E. YouTube channel for you to access activities.  You can also access these via Mr Danquah's P.E. Star on our website.


Below you will also find phonics and maths activities to enjoy and keep you busy for a wee while.


Whatever you get up to, enjoy your day.


Mrs Smith.

Good Morning boys & girls and happy Wednesday. 

We are already at the middle of the week... HOW HAS THAT HAPPENED?! It has been another wet and rainy day, and it looks like it is going to continue like this into next week. 


Today, I would like to start off our day by reading this wonderful book on Oxford Owl. (Linked below).

I have also attached your work for today. We have moved onto something slightly different in Maths, however we are keeping up with Rhyming in English. 

Enjoy todays tasks boys and girls. 


As always, keep smiling!

Miss Bell laugh