Byker Primary School


Good morning!!

We really can't believe that this is our 9th week of online learning?! That has gone by so fast. 

How are you all doing today? We are still managing to get outside every day to get lots of fresh air. Even if we don't feel like it, we feel much better afterwards. 

As always just try your best with todays work:  




Yesterday I am sure you all worked really hard to write your amazing plans for your informal letter. Remember you are pretending to be on Captain Scott's team and you are writing a letter home to a family member or friend. Today you should write your letter and don't forget to use your plan to help you. We have also uploaded pictures of Captain Scott's journey to use as a stimulus for your writing. Look how cold it looks! 


We thought it would be nice to give you the option to do a little bit of Geography work today as it links in nicely with your English work. Geography today is comparing the journey to Antarctica in the past to the present (now) This includes doing some research of your own. Good luck!