Byker Primary School


Happy Wednesday Year 2,


It has been 3 months now since we last saw each other and we are sure you have all changed so much in that time. You could make an 'All about my time in lockdown' poster, including how you have changed (height, hair style etc), what you have been doing and things you have liked or not liked during the last 12 weeks. You could even take a picture and include that, so you can look back on it when you are older.


 Half way through the week and we just want you to know how proud we are of your efforts and determination to continue learning while not at school!! You are doing amazingly and by staying at home, you are keeping people safe. Well done Year 2, keep taking each day at a time and also enjoy this time spent with your family. We are missing you lots and lots. heart


Today's activities are below. Try your best, do what you can and have fun!


Miss Mackay, Mrs Bradley, Mrs Brice and Mrs Cook