Byker Primary School


Hello and Good Morning 6T, 

Happy Friday everyone, the weekend is here! Another week in Year 6 survived (virtually!) cheeky


For today's work (attached in the order of how our day would run) I have a problem of the day for Mental Maths to start again. I have also attached yesterday's answers. For the main lesson, I have put together a range of SAT style questions all linked to Multiplication. They vary in difficultly, just as they would in your SATs paper- remember the questions can range from Y3-Y6 so you should definitely be able to handle these! I know you enjoyed these the last time and it's a shame we can't cut these out and have them on our 'whiteboard desk'. Now... don't be getting any ideas at home.


Our Word of the Day is: 


Can you find the definition and synonyms that we can add to our Vocabulary board when we're back in the classroom? 


Our English lesson is based on the latest chapters in Holes- I like this activity because it really makes you think. You always get asked questions and then have to answer them, but you never really think of the questions after you have the answer- it'll make sense when you read the slides! enlightened Also, I have posted this week's spelling list because it would go out on a Friday, if you can remember your Spelling Frame logins, feel free to go on and practise.


This afternoon would have been P.E so check out one of Mr Danquah's Youtube videos and make sure you're staying active. I've also attached a little game you could play, it'll probably keep you busy and out of your parents hair for at least 15 minutes... laugh You could start a Tik-Tok trend trying to see how many claps you can do! I'm always thinking, might even have a go myself! wink


That is all for today, have a great weekend and take care! Speak to you all on Monday.

Miss Taylor