Byker Primary School


Good morning to our lovely playgroup children and your families. How are you all today?


Today is Thursday and Emma is feeling a little sad. She fell over and grazed her knee yesterday and has a big mickey mouse plaster on her knee to keep it clean until it heals up. Poor Emma. If you would like to make her a get well soon card or draw her a picture we are sure this would cheer her up. Please share them with us on our Byker books Facebook page.


Today we are making play dough with porridge oats so make sure you have your ingredients ready.


Tomorrow we have a new game for you to play. It's called move over Rover. Can you guess what kind of animal the game is about? Shall we give you a clue? This animal digs in the garden to hide his juicy bones. Hmmm, what kind of animal could this be? You will find out tomorrow. 


Have a great day!


Lots of love from all of the Playgroup staff.


Follow this link for today's song I can follow the rules