Byker Primary School


Hello year 3!


How are you all doing? We hope that you are great!

You are all superstars and we miss you so much. 

Miss McCowie was in School yesterday and some of the children she was teaching made some lovely leafy people. This is super easy to do if you don't have lots of art supplies at home. We all went for a little walk around outside to collect some leaves, weeds, flowers and twigs. We then stuck them on a big piece of white card and gave them faces. Can you make a picture of yourself? Or of your family? Have a go!


As always, just do what you can today and have fun. 

Good luck!
Team year 3 heart

Leafy People


For English today please look at the informal letter writing example and read through it. Then we would like you to use the letter checklist to help you to write a plan for your own letter. You should pretend that you are with Captain Scott on his adventurous expedition and you are writing a letter to a family member or friend back home. Remember today is just the plan! 

What sort of things could you write about?

The weather?

The food?

Your explorer friends?

What you hope to discover?

What you have already discovered?