Byker Primary School


Morning Year 2,


This is the 12th Tuesday of online learning, can you believe it?!


During our time off, I have seen lots of people online taking up new skills. I have spent some of my time painting my house, often getting more paint on me than the walls (oops). What skills have you been learning while in lockdown? If you haven't learnt a new skill, why not try this week! Mrs Pace has been putting lots of craft ideas onto the 'Byker Books' Facebook page for you to try. If art isn't your thing why not try baking, cooking, singing, dancing, writing or a sports skill.


Maybe when we get back, we could spend some time exploring all the new skills we have learnt!


Below are today's activities and the answers to yesterday's Mental Maths. Try your best and most importantly have fun!! heart


Miss Mackay, Mrs Bradley, Mrs Brice and Mrs Cook