Byker Primary School


Good morning!  I hope you've all had a good rest over the weekend and are ready for the week ahead.


Amy and I are still keeping an eye on our caterpillars and ... nothing has happen yet frown.  We're going to set up cocoon watch in the kitchen tomorrow, so hopefully we can capture the moment the first butterfly emerges and share it with you.  Amy is getting impatient (to be honest so am I!)  I have oranges and sugar ready to feed them.  I can't wait to observe them uncurl their proboscis/haustellum ready to eat!  Do you know what a proboscis/haustellum is?  To find the answer, either type these words into Google Search or look them up using a dictionary.  You can find some really good pictures to show you what this looks like close up too.


Today we have maths and phonics activities below for you to enjoy if you can.  


If you want to Wake Up and Shake Up this morning, I have a new link for you to click and follow.  I know some of the children at school have been loving this routine.  I can't quite get my arms and legs to go where they need to be, when they need to be there yet, but I'm trying!


Have a great day!


Mrs Smith.

Good Morning boys and girls. We are into Week 2 of home schooling already, it really has flown by. 

I would like to start off this morning by apologising for not putting work up on Friday. I thought I had uploaded it, however when Mrs Smith kindly told me there was nothing up, I realised I had forgot to press the save button!! I am really sorry. I have uploaded Fridays work today and todays so you have 2 lot's of Phonics and Maths, aren't you lucky!


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and had lot's of fun, even though it has been a rainy soggy one. I went on a lovely walk on Saturday and returned home soaking wet and freezing cold, however I thoroughly enjoyed the walk, taking in the beautiful English countryside. 


Todays work is uploaded below. Please remember, only complete it if you wish and there is absolutely no pressure to do so. In English this week I thought we could focus on rhyming so the work will be super fun and involve lot's of Nursery rhymes. 


As always my little treasures, keep smiling!

Miss Bell laugh

Since it is forecast for another rainy day, I have uploaded a lovely craft idea that is simple yet extremely effective. If you choose to make it, please send in your photo's to our Byker Books Facebook page so I can see it. There has been some wonderful work uploaded, I am SUPER impressed.