Byker Primary School


Hello Year 3,


How was your weekend?


We are missing you lots and can not wait to see you again and catch up on all of things you have been busy with at home. We are sure you will have lots to tell and show us!


Maybe, you have seen a friend outside... It is so lovely to see people we have not seen for a long time! Remember to keep apart a little to stay safe.


Here are today's learning activities. We hope you are looking forward to getting started.


Try your best and don't worry if you can not do everything! 


Please try to spend some time outside but put a coat on as it's very chilly!


Miss McCowie and Mrs Quinn laugh

This week, we are going to learn about

S H A P E 

Shapes can be sorted into 2D shapes that are flat and 3D shapes that are solid.

2D shapes have sides and corners

3D shapes have faces, edges and vertices (or a vertex if there is only one).