Byker Primary School


It's fantastic Friday and VE day!


We hope that you have enjoyed the activities left each day to remember such a special event in history.


Did you clap to say thank you to all of the key workers last night? There was a DINOSAUR on our street cheering and lots of pans being banged to show thanks to all those working hard at such a difficult time.


You have made it to the end of Week 5 of cyber school. Huge well done to you and your families! We have all had such a busy time!


It's the last day of addition today. We will move onto a different key skill next week. We hope that you are feeling more confident having practised this week. We can all get a little rusty! Do not worry if you do not understand we will help you when we return to school.As always, just try your best!



Listening to different points of view is always important. For today's English lesson, we will be having a debate! Take a look at the debate cards and choose which person you are going to argue for. Write some notes and have a little debate with a member of your family.  


Byker Primary | PE

Learning outcome: Being able to complete 5 different fundamental challenges💪 The aim of this lesson is to develop fundamental skills such as running, jumping...