Byker Primary School


Hello and Good Morning 6T, 

I hope you're all doing okay and we're halfway through the week- yay!!! laugh I've never wanted a week to go quicker to be quite honest!


For today's work (attached in the order of how our day would run) I have a problem of the day for Mental Maths to start again. I have also attached yesterday's answers. For the main lesson, we are continuing with Long Multiplication, specifically 4 digits by 2 digits. The slides attached work through a range of fluency, reasoning and problem solving (just like yesterday's) and the answers are included too. Just keep practising with this. smiley I've also included a page full of fluency questions some starting with 2 digits by 2 digits and moving up, just incase you're finding the other slides a little too tricky or you just want extra practise! laugh


Our Word of the Day is: 


Can you find the definition and synonyms that we can add to our Vocabulary board when we're back in the classroom? 


Our English lesson is looking at writing a Newspaper Report on Kissin' Kate Barlow. The slides recap on how to write a successful report and what features you need to include to accomplish this. I've also given you some ideas on what events you could report associated with her- theses are just suggestions, feel free to create your own.


History this week isn't as gory as last weeks (some of you will be disappointed!) It's all about looking at a famous person, who you may have heard of, The Highwayman. I'll not say too much as I don't want to give too much away-that's your job! wink Again, raffle tickets will be provided when we return if anyone can give me some fascinating information on this deadly outlaw!


That is all for today, have a great Wednesday and take care!

Miss Taylor