Byker Primary School



Good morning Year 2,

Tremendous Thursday today! How are you all feeling? This is a wonderful book all about feelings in lockdown and that it is ok to have different feelings. You might have found that in your house everyone is feeling sad, angry or happy all at different times. It can be tricky!!

I find that when I have different feelings I deal with them in different ways. Sometimes I go and ask someone in my family for a really big hug, sometimes I want to be by myself and close my eyes then take some nice deep breaths- like when we do our peer massage and other times I cry and let it all out. Then do you know what.... I feel a bit better. You might go and draw or sing or run on the spot until you feel better.


Have a great Thursday, give your activities your best shot and have some fun.

Mrs Brice, Miss Mackay, Mrs Bradley and Mrs Cook.