Byker Primary School


Good morning Year 3!


Us again smiley We hope you are bright and cheerful (not sleepy!) and ready to get busy with today's tasks. Remember this is a tricky time for everyone, we are all doing our best in a very different way. Please continue to try hard as this will help you when we return to school and be kind!


We hope that you are enjoying learning all about the fascinating and varied animals of the rainforest and how important these habitats are for both humans and wildlife. Also, in maths you have been adding this week without and with carrying on the doorstep. I'm sure some of you have been sat at home thinking 'Oh I remember this' or 'How do I do this again?' There are tips at the start of every piece of work and an example.


Good luck and if you are stuck do not worry! Pass and take a break or some fresh air. Also, remember our rainbow breathing to manage those BIG feelings before they explode!


Mr Richards now has a drumming star on class pages. Have fun and check it out!



For English today, you should read through the argument and then see which features on the "argument checklist" you can find. This will help you when it comes to writing your own discussion. 

Today's VE Day task:

Byker Primary | PE

Learning outcome: Being able to complete 5 different fundamental challenges💪 The aim of this lesson is to develop fundamental skills such as running, jumping...