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Hello and Good Morning 6T, 

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's work and had a good attempt at all the things provided. smiley


For today's work (attached in the order of how our day would run) I have a problem of the day for Mental Maths to start. I have also attached yesterday's answers. For the main lesson, we are looking at Long Multiplication, specifically 4 digits by 2 digits. The slides attached work through a range of fluency, reasoning and problem solving and the answers are included too. Warning... some of these may make your brain hurt! cool


Our Word of the Day is: 


Can you find the definition and synonyms that we can add to our Vocabulary board when we're back in the classroom? 


Our English lesson is looking at the character Kate Barlow (what a fantastic character she is) and how she changes throughout the novel. Read through the slides. There are a few questions that reflect on some discussion we had in class about why she changed and became an outlaw before your main activity. 


Science this week is looking at microorganisms, germs and antibiotics (how relevant!) It's a really interesting lesson that will lead onto the next part of our topic which includes an experiment (hopefully!) yes I understand some of you may not have the correct equipment at home to plot out a graph and that's okay! Just have a go at answering the questions that follow. You could even do some extra research on Alexander Fleming and other antibiotic discoveries. Raffle tickets for people who can tell me some interesting facts when we return to school! laugh


That is all for today, have a great Tuesday and take care!

Miss Taylor 

Monday Mental Maths Answers

Mental Maths