Byker Primary School


Happy Wednesday Reception!!


Wooo finally Mr Sunshine should be putting his hat on today. Please ensure you spend some time getting some fresh air outside, whether that be in your outdoor area or on your daily exercise. Your topic work for today is an experiment which can be completed outside so make sure to have lot's of fun. 

I have been baking some more goodies which I will upload a photo of. This time, I made Cheese & Onion pasties and I have to say, they were absolutely delicious. Have you done any cooking?


Some children have sent in their photos of them working super hard to our Byker Books page! I seen them yesterday and they really cheered me up. Keep it coming, you have no idea how much it brightens up my day. 


I have attached your Maths & Phonics below as well as the topic work. Have fun and enjoy if you choose to do it. 


Missing all of you Superstars, but remember boys and girls, keep smiling!!!

Miss Belllaugh

Todays topic work is attached below! This is a very exciting experiment which can be completed outside so please ensure to get some fresh air and have fun. Mr Sunshine is supposed to be getting his hat back on!!!

Good morning everyone!


Well, my weather forecast for yesterday was completely wrong!  I need to have a chat with BBC weather!  Not a cloud in sight!  Not that I'm complaining, it was a beautiful day to enjoy and I hope you managed to make the most of it.


I've been doing lots of work today so didn't manage to get out until later.  Amy and I took our skates to the promenade and Martin looked after Milo.  We had lots of races but Amy won every one surprise.  I'm definitely not as fast or as brave as I used to be ... maybe I just need to practise more.


I have attached maths and phonics for your to enjoy.  Today our focus is subtraction and reading.  It's also PE day, so whether you follow Mr Danquah by accessing his PE challenges via his star on our website or YouTube (link below) or follow Joe Wicks ... or should I say Mrs Wicks who has temporarily taken over (link below), lets join in and do this together.  It will help set us up for the day ahead and support a healthy body and mind.  And goodness me, if you've baked and eaten as much cake and biscuits as I have recently, this will really make a difference!