Byker Primary School


Welcome to Wednesday Year 2,


Did you find out how many days are in May? That's right there are 31! I wonder how many of you looked out of your window last night to look for the moon. Even though we are all scattered around in different places, it is nice to think that everyone looked up to search for the same thing.


Whist we are at home I have been trying to read every day, even if it is just for a short amount of time. Remember a great resource is the Oxford Owl Reading Tree. The link is below and you can register for free and read online books. Rosie and I have been reading one about looking after a pony and riding, so I feel like a bit of a pony expert now!

Click on Oxford Owl for Home then follow the steps on the screen. 


Enjoy your activities and remember, have a go and just try you best!


Mrs Brice, Miss Mackay, Mrs Bradley and Mrs Cook.