Byker Primary School


Good Morning Nursery, we hope you are all well today. 

Do you know what day it is today, if yesterday was Tuesday? Yes, it is Wednesday, we are already half way through this week!

We hope you have been enjoying the activities so far. Yesterday Mrs Bulford's little girl enjoyed using her duplo to build a tall beanstalk and a short beanstalk.  Did any of you build a tall and short beanstalk?  We love seeing your work on our Facebook page 'Byker Books' so don't forget to ask your adult to take photographs and post them.

Today we have more fun activities for you to complete if you would like too.  Wednesday would normally be our PE day so why not head over to Mr Danquah's youtube page and complete today's challenge.

Remember the main thing is that you are having fun and keeping safe!

We are missing you all Nursery.

Mrs Bulford, Miss Henderson and Mrs Richards