Byker Primary School


Hello and Good Morning 6T, 

I bet you weren't expecting to return to online learning so soon... but as we know, the world is an extremely unpredictable place at the moment. However, at least we know it will only be for a short while this time smiley Phew...


For today's work (attached in the order of how our day would run) I have Mental Maths to start- answers will go up the following day so watch out for my deliberate mistakes (you know I love to put those in wink and raffle tickets will be rewarded) so I'll know who's being paying attention. I have also attached the Maths lesson, which I would have worked through with you on the board, with a worksheet too. Have a go, it's Short Multiplication which you will have covered in Y5. No doubt you will whizz through it as it's just a refresher.  


Our Word of the Day is: 


Can you find the definition and synonyms that we can add to our Vocabulary board when we're back in the classroom? 


Our English lesson is creating a PEE paragraph. We looked at this at the very beginning of the year, the slides will guide you through with an explanation of your activity. If you can remember your ReadTheory logins, try have a go at that too. I will also be checking for knowledge points as I never got a chance on Friday. cool


Art for this week is all about creating a 'tag'. Focusing back on graffiti, have a look at the images provided and then have a go at making your own 'tag'. Think about what we learnt last week with colour theory. I will look forward to seeing some of these when we return. Maybe we could get a display up of all our own tags!


That is all for today, have a great Monday and take care!

Miss Taylor laugh