Byker Primary School


Morning everyone, hope you're all okay?


I'm not liking this cold weather.  Every time I step outside it rains and I had to wrap up in my winter coat when we went for our walk.  Even Milo was reluctant to go outside and quick to come back in today!  Maybe you like the cooler weather?  I know Miss Holden will be really happy, she loves it when it's cold (Miss Davidson and I don't understand that at all!)


There is no further caterpillar/cocoon/butterfly news today.  Amy checked using her magnifying glass to have a really close look, but said there was nothing to report.  Can you remember what a magnifying glass does?  How did it help Amy to observe the cocoons?  If you have a magnifying glass, maybe you could use it to look at things around your home or outside.


It's Friday, so we are focusing on tricky words in phonics and looking at counting, ordering and the value of numbers during maths today.  I hope you enjoy your activities. 


Yesterday Amy was not in the mood to work, and it was really difficult for her to complete her tasks.  We all have days like that, so don't worry, tomorrow is another day and working at home is not easy at times.  I think Amy didn't get enough sleep the night before.  She went to bed much later than usual, and I don't think that helped at all!  Last night we kept to the right time, so I hope that makes a difference for today.  Sleep is really important, try to make sure you all get enough too.


We all hope you have a great weekend.  Take care everyone.


Mrs Smith, Miss Davidson and Miss Holden.