Byker Primary School


We have reached Friday... YAAAAAAYYYYY!


There are some English activities and maths games below. Also, we would love you to spend a few minutes reading at home, especially if you have not done so for a while as the sunshine has been too tempting not to enjoy smiley


Have you all finished our class book James and the Giant Peach? I'll not say too much and spoil the ending wink


There are some great comics on the website below too... 

You may need the Username: march20 and Password: home


Or there are some great books on Purple Mash. Click Home at the top of the page and then Serial Mash.


If Maths is more your thing, then please keep practising your times tables!


Have fun Year 3 clever stars! 

We have be telling the time this week and to round up we have left you a game to play with an adult or older brother or sister. Otherwise, you can practise drawing and writing times on your own to see just how much you can remember and you'll be able to impress us when we return to school. As always, try your best! You CAN do it! If you are stuck go back to Monday and look at the help there once more.


The levels get harder as you work through them and there is an option to be timed or untimed. Enjoy Year 3!