Byker Primary School


Hello again Year 3!


We hope that you have enjoyed learning about the great explorer called Captain Scott. Do you think you could be that brave?


How have you been managing to read the time? It can be tricky but remember a little each day can take you a long way!


We are so proud of you for continuing to learn through our school website and not giving up! You should have lots of time to spend doing the things you enjoy also.


Keep washing your hands. We can't stop now if we are to beat this! Stay safe, keep smiling and remember we miss you and can not wait to see you all again! 


All of the grown ups in Year 3 are thinking of you  heart

Today, you are going to read times to the next hour. Remember to count the minutes (in 5s) from the long minute hand up to the 12 (or o'clock) and then look at the number the little hand has almost got to.  Good luck and no cheating, by taking a sneaky peek at the answers!