Byker Primary School


Hello playgroup children and families,

We hope you are all safe and well and have enjoyed a relaxing weekend spent at home with your loved ones. Our playgroup children really seem to enjoy dressing up for different roles. This gives them opportunity to imitate lots of different situations, whether it be a  police   officer, princess, fire fighter, chef or postman/woman, the list is endless. Role play allows children to run wild with their imaginations and young children learn through play, exploring and experimenting. This week all of our playgroup staff have featured in our activities which have a role play theme. Emma chooses to be a chef, Cecilia's activity involves a postman, Angela's a pirate, Ashley pulled on her decorating overalls and Chenai becomes a personal trainer. Who is missing? It's Karen! Did you guess? Karen chooses to be herself, which can be just as much fun. She kicks off with a self portrait and frame making activity which we hope you all enjoy. Just to remind you, we have a pancake making activity later in the week. If you would like to join in, you will need 300g of plain flour, 2 large eggs and 300mls of milk along with toppings/fillings of your choice. Can you guess which of our playgroup staff will be cooking? Have a look at our role choices to give you a clue. As always please remember to wash your hands often. You could try creating a new number line to display at home. Just remember to use our rhyme...Count to 10 then count again. We would love to see your ideas too so please share with us on Byker book's Facebook page.

We hope you all have lots of fun trying out this weeks activities.

Sending lots of love from all of the Playgroup staff.