Byker Primary School


Good morning Year 2,  

We hope you have had a great weekend and managed to get outside for your daily exercise and fresh air whilst still staying safe and keeping at least 2 metres away from other people.

Another week where we are doing our school work from home and trying our best.

We still find it strange some mornings as we are sure you do too, but we look forward to seeing you when we can. Until then, we want you to know we miss you all and your super personalities smiley


As well as the Glee star that Mrs Barnes added, you will see that Mr Thacker has added a Byker Brothers star. In here are all of the favourite Byker Brother classics that you can sing along too if you would like. Also, there is a Drumming star that Mr Richards has added. If you have a drum kit, or even if you just clap along to the beat, he has some great basic lessons to get you started!


Remember that you can practise your phonics anytime by clicking on the link below



Then choose activities we have done before or try some new ones.


Here are your activities for today. We are going to add the answers to your Mental Maths the following day so that you can check your answers. Perhaps you could use the stickers we gave you if you do get them all correct or a smiley face. We hope you are enjoying our new topic about the dark and night time- Rosie and I have been looking at the sky each night to see if we can see the moon. Perhaps you could too.

Remember only spend 10-15 mins on Mental Maths and 20-30 mins on your Maths activity. Mostly have fun!


Mrs Brice, Miss MacKay, Mrs Bradley and Mrs Cook.