Byker Primary School


Good morning everyone,


We hope that you have all had a wonderful weekend. Mrs Richards had fun over the weekend watching her butterflies fly off into the big wide world. We have attached some photographs so that you can see.

We can't believe that we are now in the Month of May. We bet that you have all grown so much since we saw you last. Did you enjoy the activities from last week? Did you figure out who each baby was from the photographs? Well they were (from left to right) Miss Henderson, Mrs Richards and Mrs Bulford. Did you get them right?


We have some more wonderful activities for you to try out today, if you would like to. Remember we want you to be happy and safe more than anything. 

We now have a 'Byker Brothers' star added to class pages along with a 'Drumming Lessons with Mr Richards' star and also a 'Glee' star. Please feel free to explore.


If you and your grown ups have time, you could also take a look at . It has lots of ideas on how to keep safe, food recipes and we especially love the Disney Change for Life Shake up games. 


See you soon, 

Mrs Richards, Miss Henderson and Mrs Bulford