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Welcome back Year 3! smiley

We hope that you have had a fantastic weekend? You are getting so good at this online school work now, but we do really miss you and hope it isn’t too long before we see all of you again.

We also hope that you are all staying fit, healthy and well. Getting lots of sleep and washing your hands often can help you stay strong and well. Regular hand washing also helps stop viruses from spreading to others. And don't forget your daily exercise. Mr Danquah can certainly help you with that. 


This week will be just like the others, we will upload work for you to complete each day. Remember to just try your best with the tasks that we give you. smiley

We will still be outside clapping on Thursday evening at 8:00pm to give thanks to the hard working NHS heroes. 


But on Friday, we have something else to celebrate. Friday will mark 75 years since VE Day. VE day marks the day towards the end of World War Two when fighting came to an end. We have uploaded a link to a video which goes into more detail if you would like to learn more. Maybe you could even do your own research?

To help you celebrate from home, we will upload a fun task for you to do each day. Today, we have uploaded a template to make some Union Jack bunting. Maybe you could copy this design and make your own at home. Attach your flags to some string and decorate your house! Just an idea laugh


Byker Brothers: Mr Thacker, Mr Danquah and Mr Richards have uploaded their own page for the Byker Brothers.  It can be found next to the class pages. Enjoy practising! 


Miss McCowie and Mrs Quinn heart


You guessed it... time to change things a little to keep you interested and motivated!

You will all remember how very important our key maths skills are so over the next few weeks we are going to focus on adding, taking away, multiplying and dividing. I wonder how many other words you can remember for these key skills. For example, dividing is also sharing, division, equal parts, split...

Perhaps you could jot down what you can remember in your workbooks (beside today's work) so that we can have a look when we return to school.

Good luck, have fun!

Remember, if you are stuck just miss that one and move on to the next! yes

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