Byker Primary School


Good morning everyone!


Hope you had another good day yesterday and managed to enjoy the last of the sun for a few days.  Every cloud has a silver lining, and whilst it will be a little cooler, it does mean that the plants will get a much needed water and the birds won't need water to be put out for them.  They'll be able to drink from the puddles!  Have you noticed since lockdown there seem to be more birds around?  And they are so noisy in the morning!


I have uploaded a video for both classes of Amy and I transferring the cocoons to their new habitat.  Just follow the link below to watch.  If you look closely you can see one of them wiggle.


It is P.E. with Mr Danquah today and I have included a link to his YouTube channel below.


Our usual maths and phonics tasks are attached for you to complete.  I hope you enjoy.laugh


Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Mrs Smith. 

Good Morning Reception!

If yesterday was Tuesday, what day is it today?

Hasn't this week flown by. Time is going so quickly, which means hopefully we are one step closer to being reunited. 


As predicted, the weather seems to have taken a turn and we are back to miserable rainy England sad Hopefully Mr Sunshine decides to put his hat back on sooner rather than later. Don't let the rain stop you exploring outdoors though, you could go puddle jumping (making sure you wear wellies of course), or even make mud pies!


I hope you enjoyed your activities yesterday if you chose to complete them. Below I have uploaded todays tasks for you. If you do complete them, please enjoy and have fun doing so!


Tomorrow is PE day boys and girls so I will be back with some new PE lessons from the one and only Mr. Danquah. 

As always my darlings, keep shining and keep smiling!

Miss Bell laugh