Byker Primary School


Good morning playgroup
Wow today is Friday! 
That means its nearly the weekend!
Remember playgroup, we don't come to school on two days of the week.
Can you remember what two days these are?
It’s Saturday and Sunday!
We hope you've enjoyed sharing with your families some of our favourite stories that we like to read together. We hope you enjoyed learning some new rhymes too.
Did you have a favourite story of the week? 
Can you remember the title of the book?
We have some more fun tasks for you to have a go at today.
Can you make up your own story? 
You will be the author and illustrator of your own book.  Wow, what talent. 
Think about a title for your story. 
Who will the characters be? 
Where will they be going?
What will they do? 
If you dont want to make up your own story don't worry,  
you may choose your favourite book at home and share this with your family today.
Remember to keep washing those hands. 
We are missing you all very, very much. We hope you all enjoy the Easter holidays!
Stay safe and stay at home
love from all of your playgroup staff.