Byker Primary School


Hello for the final time of Spring Term!


I want to start off by promoting Mr G and Mr Thacker's Instagram account. If you follow @the.edunation we have set some activities for you to complete. Surprisingly, some of them are proper fun! What I will guarantee is that it is much better than Mr Danquah's fitness videos, because we have taught ourselves to TikTok, whatever that means.. plus I am sure Instagram is cooler than Youtube #CoolTeachers


Anyway, enough of that. This is the final piece of work we will be setting in Spring Term, as when we return it will officially be Summer Term. Don't worry though, we will be back after the 2 week break, to give you some more fun stuff to do. Also, there is a section called 'Easter Holidays' where we will set some extra stuff for you to have a go at when you're off. 


Finally, I want to end by saying well done for getting through this term. Myself, Ms Jarvis and Mrs Barnes could't be prouder of how maturely you have handled this strange situation. Make sure you stay safe over the holidays and we look forward to speaking to you all when we get back!


Keep smiling.

Mr Goldsborough, Ms Jarvis and Mrs Barnes


Here are some activities that you can have a go at today. Remember the times we set are only a guide for you. If you are struggling with an activity, just stop, take break and try something else when you are ready.

1. Mark your mental maths from yesterday. (5 minutes)

2. Choose one mental maths to complete (25 minutes)

3. Choose some reading to do, either a magazine, book or ebook. (10 minutes)

4. Stitch Head writing activity (20 minutes)



If you have any time left or would like something different to do, you can always log on to Purple Mash. There's lots to choose from there.