Byker Primary School


Hi Year 1, it's Fantastic Friday!



Today is the last day of school and tomorrow is the start of your Easter holidays! 


We will be uploading 5 activities for you to try over the holidays (in the folder named Easter) but as always, these are optional. We want you to take time to relax and be creative!

Why don’t you have a movie day, build a fort, do some baking, draw or paint there are loads of things you could to the list is endless!


If you like, you could keep a diary entry of your holidays to look back on when this is all over!


Today’s activities are:


1.Maths-3D shapes

2. Literacy- Draw and label a Tiger

3.Phonics-aw sound

Byker Book Facebook page if you want to check it out.


Mr. Danquah’s P.E


Have a lovely Easter holiday whatever you are doing.

Year 1 Team.