Byker Primary School


WOW! Another week of 'school at home' is over, how has that happened? Hasn't it flown by!

There has been a huge amount of change lately and I hope you all coping well with it. You each have an abundance of resilience (one of the many characteristics you all have which makes me burst with pride) so I know you will all be taking it in your stride. 


Today is Friday boys and girls, which means we would usually have the fabulous Megan in from Seven Stories for an outstanding story time. Unfortunately, that is not possible so I have brought you the next best thing! Some wonderful stories read by some celebrities, but most importantly some of the outstanding staff we have at Byker Primary. I have linked them all individually below, so you just need to follow them (parents, you will need Facebook to access them). 


If you follow the 'Byker Books' page on facebook, you will see some fantastic content. I am also going to be reading you a story (we all know how much I enjoy our story times!) and I am hoping to have it uploaded this weekend. There may also be a small surprise popping up on the page, so keep your eyes peeled!


The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Read by our very own Miss. Davidson


The day the Crayons quit - Read by the wonderful Mrs. Telford


My Friend Harry - Read by our very own Miss. Taylor


Jazz Dog - Read by the amazing Mr. Robbie Williams!


My Tree and Me - Read by Howard Donald


Today marks the end of Spring 2, and the beginning of the Easter Holidays. It is really important that you spend time with your family, have fun, but most importantly stay safe. Myself and Mrs. Smith will be uploading some content onto the Easter Holiday section of our class page to help keep you busy and entertained. They will be very light hearted, but fun things for you to complete if you wish. 


I am also going to be continuing with messages for you, something that I have really enjoyed doing and it really does make my days easier and better knowing I can contact you all. I am missing you all very much, and I can not WAIT to be reunited with you all. 


As always my little treasures, keep smiling. 

Miss Belllaugh


Morning, we all made it to Friday yes !  That means we are another week closer to being back to normal, and that's enough to make me smile.


As Miss Bell has said, it's Friday with Seven Stories.  Follow the links she has put in her post to hear some great stories.  Amy is loving Byker Books stories and wants me to ask if I can do it too, so I'm building up the courage to ask if I can!


Wishing you a wonderful Easter, Miss Holden, Miss Davidson and myself can't help but wish we were able to say this in person.  We miss our days teaching and having fun with you all, and can't wait until we're all back together again. We are all really proud of you.


Hope you enjoy the activities I've put on our class page, there are more below.  I bet you've all been on fire, and have blown everyone in your house away with how fabulous you are! 


Take care.


Mrs Smith, Miss Davidson and Miss Holden