Byker Primary School


Good morning playgroup!


We've made it to Thursday.

It's been so strange not being able to see you all. We hope you are all well and having fun doing some or all of our playgroup activities. 

If today is Thursday can you guess what day it is tomorrow? 

Yes its Friday! 

Can you share with your family our new song days of the week?


Today we have another story for you to share with your family. 

A Squash and a Squeeze. 

If you don’t have the story please have a look here.


After sharing the story can you remember all or some of the animals that went into the little old ladies house? And can you remember what noise each animal makes?

Maybe you could draw your favourite animal and give it to someone special to make them smile.


Stay safe playgroup. 

We're missing you all very much hope you all have fun completing today's activities.

Love from all of your playgroup staff