Byker Primary School


Good morning Reception, hope you're having a good day so far!


As well as reading, taking Milo for her daily walk and doing crafts and baking to keep us busy, Amy and I have been brushing up on maths.  This is a subject that she finds really tricky, and has to work really hard at this.  We have been enjoying White Rose maths.  There is a section for Early Years, and I have copied a link below so you can check this out too.


I also thought it might be nice for you to teach everyone in your house our Up Town Funk dance.  It's Miss Holden's favourite, so I hope she'll be joining in too! (link for music below).


Below are phonics and maths activities to enjoy and keep you busy if you choose.


Have a fabulous day!


Mrs Smith.

Good Morning Reception! We have managed to get through the beginning of the week, I hope it has treated you well. 


Happy Thursday. As usual, today is PE day, so I thought we could start our day off by doing PE with Joe Wicks (I have attached the link!)

And then of course, we have our very own Mr. Danquah… he has uploaded some fantastic new content which both myself and him would love for you to take part in (I have attached the link!)


I have also attached 1 piece of Maths (it's Easter themed and super fun) and 1 piece of Phonics. Please only complete if you wish, I don't want anyone to feel any added pressure. 


Remember my treasures, keep smiling!!!

Miss Bell laugh