Byker Primary School


Good Morning! 


Have you been practising your days of the week song? Do you know what day it is today if yesterday was Wednesday?
It’s… THURSDAY! We hope that you are already having a super start to your day. Have you enjoyed a delicious breakfast? Are you ready for some new activities? 

Your first challenge is to make sure that your looking eyes and listening ears are switched on and that you've wound up your brain boxes. Great, lets try out our first activity

Once you are all warmed up and ready, maybe you could complete the other tasks that we have set for you today. 

We have been checking on our Facebook page daily and have already spotted some of our wonderful children doing some super learning at home. Someone in our class went on a size hunt around their house to find objects smaller and bigger than their shoe! Amazing work! They even created their very own school badges to wear at home! What a great idea!
We also spotted someone in our class making a beautiful rainbow to hang up at their window! We bet it puts a smile on everyone’s face who sees it. It certainly made us smile. Well done.

If you haven’t already done so, please check out our great Facebook page full of ideas, links and you might even spot our lovely Mrs Bulford reading one of our class stories ‘Monkey Puzzle’ by Julia Donaldson.

We are really missing you and can’t wait to see you all again. We have all been busy at home too. A wriggly parcel arrived for Mrs Richards and her family to open. Did you read our clues last week, did you figure out what could be in the parcel? It was… CATERPILLARS! We got them from Here is a video so that you can see them.


Still image for this video

They are growing so quickly already. Does anyone know what they will turn into? We will keep you posted on their changes. Some of them have already been named characters from Toy Story and Frozen. Can you think of some more names for the rest of them?

Enjoy your day!

Mrs Henderson, Mrs Bulford and Mrs Richards 😊