Byker Primary School


Welcome back year 3 superstars! 

What a beautifully sunny week we have just had. We hope that you spent your half term holidays having fun, enjoying the sun and staying safe. Did any of you enjoy a BBQ? Did any of you have a water fight? Did any of you do some gardening? We bet a lot of you enjoyed some ice creams!! 

We have been SO proud of the way you have been handling these strange times and you should also be so proud of yourselves. Especially if you have managed to complete some of the work we have been setting for you. Well done. 

Can you believe we are now in Summer 2? Our last half term before the summer! We can't believe it. Each day this week we will upload some Maths work and some English work for you to complete should you want to. Remember to just try your best and that is all we ask of you. 

Have fun! 

From your year 3 teachers heart

For English today we would like you to watch the video below. We would then like you to do your own research to see if you can find any other interesting facts about Robert Falcon Scott! 

For Maths today, we are going to learn how to tell the time. This is a skill you will use everyday as a grown up! Once you learn how to read the time you will never forget. It is like learning to ride your bike once you can do it, you always can!


Below, explains step by step how to read the time on a clock. Looking carefully at how many minutes past an hour and then how many minutes to the next hour. During today, keep looking at the clock (or a watch) and noting down what you do at different times of the day... For example, half past 9 breakfast, 10 o'clock Mr Danquah's PE session, quarter past 12 lunch...


Good luck and have fun keeping your time diary!