Byker Primary School


Good morning!


It's Friday and also the beginning of a new month, so I've attached our Months of the Year song so we can remind ourselves of order of these and find out what month it is now ... what month follows April?


For our topic work today, I have uploaded a document I received from NUSTEM for both classes to enjoy.  It's a fabulous bubble recipe along with bubble challenges.  Amy, Martin and I have had a ball with this activity and I hope you will too,


There are phonics and maths activities for you to enjoy too.  Remember these are to support continued learning and I hope you've found these fun to do.  However, don't feel any pressure to do these.  Look after yourselves. I know from home schooling myself, and speaking to friends, some battles are best left for another day.  There's no harm in playing games, blowing a few bubbles and watching a film or two!  These all help your emotional wellbeing, and are as important as maths and english.


Miss Davidson, Miss Holden and I wish you all a fabulous weekend.  Let keep our fingers crossed that we see a little sun!




Boys and girls we have reached the end of another week of 'school at home' and are now into a new month! Time really is flying by and it does not get any easier. I hope you are all well and continuing to stay safe. Mr Sunshine still hasn't put his hat back on but I have looked at next week weather predictions and it is looking good!!!! Why don't you have a look and get an insight to what we can expect?


Today is Friday which means it's seven stories day! Mrs Pace has uploaded a fantastic website  (I have attached it below) to our Byker Books page and it looks amazing!!!! It is all based around Julia Donaldson stories which are all simply BRILLIANT! Take a look and have an explore.


Mr Shield (Year 6 teacher) has been in school this week and kindly collected some story books for me, so my aim this weekend is to read one and upload it to the Byker Books page, so keep your eyes peeled! I am a bit out of practice having been off for so long so go easy on me laugh.  If you do it see it, please leave a comment so I know and I will reply to them all personally!!

I have also been in contact with Miss Henderson (Early Years Lead) who has some WONDERFUL ideas on how to enhance our learning spaces in school. All of the Early Years staff are involved and all inputting some fantastic ideas. It's very exciting and keeping our minds busy in these uncertain times!


Todays work is attached below, but please remember, only complete what you wish. I hope you have enjoyed this weeks activities. I have been busy planning lot's of fun and exciting activities for next week. Knowing I can still plan for you all is extremely reassuring and makes my days easier not being able to see you. 


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and as always my little treasures, keep shining and smiling! 

Miss Bell laugh