Byker Primary School


Happy Wednesday Year 3,


It's the first day of April! Today, we would like you to become spring detectives. Whilst at home or in your garden note down any signs of spring. This could be the birds singing, a bright blue sky, flowers starting to bud or an Easter egg... Maybe you could ask your family to join in.


Keep trying the activities below but remember just do what you can and if it's tricky leave it out like we would in class.


Also, it's really important to get some fresh air and do some exercise if you can.


Joe Wicks (the body coach) is online everyday at 9 o'clock.

Search online for PE with Joe and you'll find all of his workouts or join in with Mr Danquah through our PE star. Remember your drinks bottle, it's thirsty work!


Have fun Year 3, we can't wait to see your smiling faces again!

Mrs Quinn and Miss McCowie laugh