Byker Primary School


Hello one and all,


Well, we are just about half way through the week. Well done for sticking with your learning from home. We know there will be times when it is difficult, but always remember this is not here to cause you to worry. Simply, switch off and have a break when the going gets tough. We are all so impressed with how many children are using the online learning - we have a counter and so far we have had nearly 5000 hits! WOW - that is a lot of learning going on. Keep it up and be proud of your achievements.


Have fun and be kind, as you always are.

Keep smiling!

Mrs Barnes, Ms Jarvis and Mr Goldsboroughsmiley


Here are your activities for today.

1. Mark yesterday's mental maths (5 minutes).

2. A writing activity. (20 minutes)

3. Today's mental maths. You only need to do 1. (25 minutes)

4. Reading comprehension about Guy Bass- can you remember who is is? (20 minutes)

5. TT Rock stars, Multiplication Checker on Purple Mash or any other programme which helps you learn your tables. We've done so well learning them, we need to just have a practice every now and again. (10 minutes)