Byker Primary School


Happy Wednesday boys and girls! Wow, the middle of the week already, how did that happen? Oh and the start of a new month... April. To welcome in a new month, I thought we could start today off by singing out 'Months of the Year' song with our families. I have attached the link below:

It's one of my favourites, and it's one of those that sticks with you all day! Enjoy laugh


I hope you enjoyed yesterdays activities, what ever you managed to complete. I am enjoying creating fun things for you, but I really am missing you all. Today I have again, uploaded 1 Maths activity and 1 Phonics activity, please only complete what you would like too. 

Phonics today I thought we could focus on our tricky words so I have uploaded lot's of links to helpful songs as well as some fantastic websites. Click on the PDF for phonics and you will see them all. 


If you created a Rainbow yesterday, please don't forget to take a photograph of them so I can see them all when we return to school. 


Keep up the fantastic work boys and girls, remember, I am so proud of each and every one of you. The thought of all of your beaming smiles really makes me smile and brightens up my day, so as always, keep smiling superstars!!

Miss Bell smiley

Good morning, how's everyone today?


I saw this yesterday and thought you might enjoy it.  It's Baby Shark's hand washing challenge, I absolutely love it, and think this is what Amy and I will be singing when we wash our hands from now on!


We've also been enjoying the Byker Books Bedtime Stories on Facebook.  So if you get a chance, take a look.  You will see lots of familiar faces reading stories I know you love. And as always, tuning into in to Mr Danquah and/or Joe Wicks on YouTube will help to get you ready for the day ahead.  


Today is the beginning of a new month so below are links to songs for 'Days of the Week', followed by the 'Months of the Year' and it's officially Spring, so you can also sing our 'Seasons of the Year' song too (I know you all love this one)!


Below are phonics and maths activities to enjoy and keep you busy if you choose.


Have a great day!


Mrs Smith.