Byker Primary School



Wow, how is it Wednesday already? We are halfway through our week. If you are getting lost with what day it is, why not sing our days of the week song that we sing each morning. Please see attached link We are also now in a new month called April. Can you remember our months of the year song?

We love coming to work as you all brighten up our day and we are missing you all. You may not have seen some of your family members or neighbours while we are staying at home to keep safe. So today we thought you could brighten up someone’s day by sending them a bright and colourful picture.

We have attached some new activities for you to choose from. Please remember it is completely up to you which activities you would like to have a go at. Just try your best.

We wish we could be with you to complete these activities in Nursery, but we know you will have a go and try your hardest. All your teachers are so proud of you, keep shining.


Miss Henderson, Mrs Bulford and Mrs Richards